Yatir Creek 2016
42.00 CHF

Yatir Creek 2016

This complex and balanced wine expresses the character of the growing region of Yatir's vineyards. The limited oak barrel ageing of the wine, allows for the fruit character of the grapes to be the leading player in the wine's taste and character. This results in a wine which is elegant, smooth and sophisticated.

Varieties: Syrah 76%, Tannat 12% & Malbec 12%.
The grapes were harvested from several sections in the Yatir Forest at elevations of between 650 – 900 meters above sea level. The soil is clay and chalky.
Wine Production: The wine was aged in large oak barrels (3,800 – 5,400 liters)
for twelve months, in order to round off the wine without imparting too much oaky character. After bottling, the wine is matured in its bottle in the winery for a further
two years. The wine will mature and cellar well for a further five to ten years.
Tasting Notes: The wine displays a deep purple color, with aromas reminiscent
of black cherries, cassis and toasted almonds. Possessing fruity, succulent flavors, the grainy tannins leave a slightly salty and pleasantly bitter finish.
Food Pairing: Pairs well with meat dishes like casseroles and steaks. To be enjoyed at its best, this wine should be served at a temperature of 18oC (64oF).